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I've gotten far too out of the habit of blogging this year opting instead for the much more frequent Facebook status (which is longer at least than the average Tweet). I guess I feel like blogging has become such a committment. I mean I have to actually SAY something in a blog post. And heck, if I'm going to take the time to SAY something, then I might as well be working on my manuscript in progress, no?

Well maybe not. Perhaps the blog can be used as merely an extended Tweet or Status extension to them where I can publicly journal. So for today I'll merely note that I'm incredibly grateful for my personal version of NaNoWriMo with my friend Jackie Bouchard. We're not doing an insane 50k words in 30 days. Last year we did 1k a day and I believe we both made 30k words for the month. This year we've both been a bit more lax. I'm at a point now (Thank God) with my manuscript (GoRA II - The Atchison Haunting)  where a "first draft" is nearly complete. It's a Frankensein-ish hodge podge of somewhat disconnected scenes and themes. I'd never let anyone actually read this mess (although the prologue is at the end of my already published novel and Chapter 1 has been given thumbs up by my writers group...which is nice). But finishing a "first draft" for me gives me a completed outline and the skeleton for the novel to be.

Having recently reread Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum (in acutal book form) I am a bit daunted. I'm really really proud of the finished product there (typos and all). It's going to take significant tweaking and polishing to get the new story up to par. I will say though, that this novel has been so difficult to write, in part, because of the deep emotional level that I go to with my lead character. It's unlike anything I've written before. Getting it right will be an accomplishment for me. Something to be proud of.

I hope.
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