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Zach gets digits!

It's time for DELETED SCENES!

SPOILER ALERT:  Please do not read these scenes if you've not yet read my novel
GHOSTS OF ROSEWOOD ASYLUM. Spoilers will be contained in these Deleted Scenes.

WARNING:  Please do not read these scenes if you've not yet read my novel
GHOSTS OF ROSEWOOD ASYLUM. Out of context, these scenes will likely either mean nothing to you, or worse, they'll confuse you.

BAD WRITING WARNING:  Please do not read these scenes if you've not yet read my novel
GHOSTS OF ROSEWOOD ASYLUM purchase. There are reasons these scenes did not make the finished book--one of the primary reasons is that many contain BAD WRITING!

This scene opened Chapter Twenty Six (pg 161). I think the writing is pretty tight and the scene in and of itself flows well, but by this point in the story the pace needs to continue to accelerate and this scene brings it to a crashing halt. The character of Chelsea intrigues me. After writing the scene, I mused that she may show up in future episodes of XPI...and she well may.


 Young people packed Muses Coffee House. There wasn’t a table available. Chicago State University was just a mile or so up the road, and south Pullman was the trendiest area within a quick driving distance. Zach had gotten a text message from Angel just minutes after talking to Rebecca: 

Need 2 talk 2 u offsite. Meet @ muses @ 1?

Zach hoped to also catch Evelyn there early, but as she was nowhere to be seen, he ordered a decaf coffee.

“Decaf at this hour?”

The woman’s voice came from behind him. He turned expecting, maybe wishing, to see Evelyn; instead a black lady with a slim figure but wide hips was smiling at him. She was short, about his age, maybe a couple of years younger. Her perfect smile radiating white against her extremely dark skin was mesmerizing. Zach said nothing.

“I thought that was you,” she said. “Zach?”

“Yes.” He felt no twinge of familiarity. It used to frighten him, but even though he often couldn’t remember people’s names, he had outstanding facial recognition skills. He hardly ever forgot a face and he’d certainly not easily have forgotten this one. These occurrences were happening more frequently, especially since Sci-D TV had started rerunning XPI episodes on Thursday nights, after the late-night talk shows were over.

“You don’t know me,” she verified, “but I’m one of your biggest fans. I hope that doesn’t sound too cliché.”

“No, not at all,” Zach lied. “What’s your name?”

“Oh, God. How rude of me!” She rolled her eyes, and her smile turned to one of embarrassment. If not for her ebony skin, Zach suspected she’d be blushing. She held out her hand. “My name’s Chelsea.”

He took her hand. Soft. Welcoming, but firm. “Nice to meet you, Chelsea. I’m Zach.”

“I know. Would you sign my cup?” She offered the Muses cup and a felt-tip pen.

“Sure. The cup itself or the sleeve?”

“The cup,” she said, winking. “And could you maybe sign the sleeve for my friend, Amber?” Her wide smile returned and he found it intoxicating.

As Zach was autographing, he looked up every time the chime on the door signaled a new visitor. He was expecting Angel but held out hope that it might be Evelyn.

“Are you expecting someone?” Chelsea asked. “A girlfriend or something?”

Zach smiled. “Just a friend. A work friend, Angel—from the show.”

“Oh, sure, Angel. He’s cool. Well, I won’t keep you and thanks for the autograph.” She handed him a folded piece of paper that appeared to have been torn from a notebook. “It’s my phone number,” she said boldly. Then her voice cracked a bit. “Ya know, in case you ever need a date to an awards show or something...”

Ebony skin or not, she was blushing. A thin layer of perspiration had formed on her forehead as well.

Zach thanked her, but didn’t know what else to say. Other fans and even clients had flirted with him. This was different—she was hot.

Before he could decide what to do, the door chimed. It was Angel. Zach was being saved, quite literally, by the bell, but he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to be saved.

Angel approached. “Am I interrupting something?”

Chelsea must have seen it as a chance to escape and, after another stunning smile, faded into the coffee house’s hustle and bustle.

“Nope,” Zach said, breaking his gaze on her, “just a fan.”

“You’ll be seeing a lot of those around here now.” Angel sighed. When Zach didn’t immediately respond, Angel explained. “Good Morning Chi-Town blew our cover. There have been people hanging around the main gate since about noon.”


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