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Testosterone...Prosapio style.

Yep. There we were the 6 of us at the gun show. Me (with my Kindle), my Christian, Special-Ed teaching brother, his physics-teaching father-in-law, HIS engineering son, and HIS muscle-bound, tattooed roommate. Oh and my nephew who requested the event for his 9th birthday event. Some stuff you just can't make up, folks!

The show itself was interesting--not what I expected--not really many actual guns. I think part of that is CA's 10 day wait there were a bunch of accessories and air rifles type stuff. Anyway, those of you who know my nephew can already picture how this event played out. Those of you not so fortunate, here's how it was:  blond and hair spiked to a point on the top of his head, Nathan you say....frenetic. He's on a plane all his own and his mind churns at a rapid rate. Whatever he wants to do at any given time, BAM--he's off & running. Of course he's one-third the size of the rest of us and able to sneak under and around the throngs of people jostling for position in the crowded aisles.

But the fun part was being part of the solution and not part of the problem. By that I mean letting things just flow as they should. Letting him be an excited, energetic interested and interesting kid. As a child we were typically put into such rigid roles. Behavior at events like that was observed, criticized, objectified and condemned so that events like those weren't really all that fun or stimulating. Of course guns were something that were considered "evil" and completely off limits by my mom. I can't say that my life is better or worse because of that particular decision...but I can say that we (my brother/sisters and I) weren't encouraged to develop interests in what our minds were drawn to.

I was 8 or 9 when I told my mom that I wanted to write a book.

"Oh, Stephen,' she said. "People go to school years and years to learn to write books."

I showed her. I went to school for years and years and years and years get the picture. But I never wrote a book. Not until I allowed myself the chance to expand my mind and allow the bliss I was drawn to, to manifest in my life. I'm not saying that guns is the greatest interest/hobby in the world. I just think allowing my nephew the chance to explore and learn will allow his mind ot form the habit that what he is drawn to, he can explore--and learn.

At one point today, my brother today turned to me and said, "Did you notice everyone here is so POLITE?"

It's clear from events like today that guns don't kill people. Sick people with guns kill people. And raising our children right ensures they won't be those sick people.

Of course post-lunch discussion turned to torture, politics, terrorism and the like. But that's just testosterone...Prosapio style.

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